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Wherever you live, our globally accessible app can provide a superior parental intelligence service aimed at safeguarding your children when they are online.

It was produced and refined under the direction of digital education professionals, experts in family relationships and psychologists, as well as children and parents.

FamilyKeeper alerts parents immediately if children are presented with age-inappropriate content, cyberbullying or harassment on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and many more platforms.

WHY Familykeeper?

USER-FRIENDLY and intuitive

Rather than searching through your child’s device to check for harmful content, you can exercise parental control in a less time-consuming but more effective way. FamilyKeeper provides you with alerts only when it is necessary, informing you immediately about activities that could have a negative impact on your child.

Accurate analysis

Our parental intelligence software provides you with relevant data gathered from your child’s device, allowing you to understand more about their activities and experiences.

a real time solution

Wherever you happen to be, you can rely on FamilyKeeper for updates on your child’s online experience. You will be informed of content on your child’s device that is considered offensive or violent as soon as it appears on their screen. We can even offer professional training that enables you to manage a similar situation should one occur in the future.

Detecting potential dangers on your behalf

You’ll be made aware in real time if your child sends, receives or views violent or sexually explicit text, videos or imagery.


Our tools

Location details

FamilyKeeper will provide you will real-time notifications based on where your child is and if they are in a place you consider unsafe.

Online Predetors

Not everyone is who they appear to be online. We know that as adults, but children are far more trusting. To tackle the problem, FamilyKeeper works constantly to identify conversations or activities that your child is part of that could involve an online predator.

Expert observation

You cannot watch what your children are doing online 24 hours a day, but FamilyKeeper will stay vigilant at all times, alerting you immediately if your child is exposed to content that is violent or sexual in nature.

A truly intelligent system

The digital world can be a confusing place for parents trying to stay on top of their children’s online life. Our artificial intelligence-based app is designed to relieve some of that pressure, delivering any pertinent information at once so that you can step in to help before a more significant problem develops.

Unsuitable content

Be the first to know about your child accessing online content that could be dangerous or harmful, be it images or text.

Concerning Behaviour

Keep a watchful eye on your child’s online experiences and habits to check for signs of bullying or other forms of unpleasantness.

I am my child’s keeper

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