FamilyKeeper essential information

  • What is FamilyKeeper?

Our aim is to inform and support parents by providing real-time insights into their children’s online activities. We’ll let you know about any potential issues detected on their networks, apps and social media.

  • Can FamilyKeeper run on Apple and Android gadgets?

Currently, FamilyKeeper is supported by Android devices, for both versions (Parent & Child) and iOS Parents. iOS for kids will be out soon.

  • Will my child see the FamilyKeeper app on their device?

Yes, your child will be able to see the app. We have not designed FamilyKeeper to remain hidden as we hope that it will encourage an open dialogue within families about online safety.

  • What can I monitor through the FamilyKeeper app?

FamilyKeeper uses revolutionary techniques to provide parents with information on their children’s online activities. Once installed, the artificial intelligence algorithm constantly scans for interactions that could be deemed a threat and content that may be unsuitable. If something is found, you are notified in real time.

Downloading the FamilyKeeper app

  • Where can I download FamilyKeeper for my Android device?

Our app is available at the Google Play Store.

  • Where can I download FamilyKeeper for my iOS device?

Our app is available at the Apple App Store.

Installing FamilyKeeper

  • Does my Android device have to be rooted to use the app?

No, FamilyKeeper will work perfectly on phones that are not rooted.

  • Does my iPhone need to be jailbroken?

No, FamilyKeeper does not require a device to be jailbroken.

  • How do I install FamilyKeeper on my child’s phone?

Begin by downloading the FamilyKeeper parent app to your own device, and then sign up as a parent. Next, download the FamilyKeeper child app to your child’s device. You will then be provided with an activation code to link the two.

Get started with FamilyKeeper

  • How do I register my children on the app?

Once the sign-up process is complete, you can add one or more children. On your FamilyKeeper home screen, select Add Child and an activation code will be generated. Enter this on your child’s device and you are ready to go!

  • Can I create a bespoke FamilyKeeper service?

Yes, you can personalise the type of service that we provide via your child’s device. This is available right after they are signed up or by tapping the Menu button. You have the following options:

WhatsApp/Viber/Facebook Messenger/Instagram/Snapchat & Browsing History: select this option to open the phone’s settings. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and select FamilyKeeper Kids’ Accessibility Access.

YouTube & App/In-App Purchases: if you select this option, the Google account login screen will appear. Input your child’s details, and then choose Allow.

Facebook: once you select this option, your child’s Facebook account sign-in will appear and you will need to complete their details.

App & Data Usage: selecting this option directs you to the phone’s settings. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to activate FamilyKeeper Kids’ Data Usage access.

Safety Lock: this option takes you to the phone’s Administrator settings. Select Activate/Enable to use FamilyKeeper as an Administrator App and ensure that it cannot be uninstalled by your child.

Managing your FamilyKeeper account

  • How many children can I add to my FamilyKeeper Dashboard?

Your FamilyKeeper’s Dashboard will take up to four children.

  • Where can I see what my children are doing online?

To keep up with your children’s activities, log into your FamilyKeeper account on your device, and then navigate to your Dashboard, where all the relevant information will be visible.

  • What is the FamilyKeeper Dashboard?

Designed for parents, the FamilyKeeper Dashboard is a user-friendly management tool from where you can view your child’s location details, call log and web history, along with any activity that has been marked by the system as potentially harmful.

  • Can I view my FamilyKeeper Dashboard from a PC?

Soon, parents will be able to log into their account from any web-enabled device to monitor their children’s activity.

Cross-platform functionality

  • Can I download FamilyKeeper for both my Android and iOS devices?

Right now, FamilyKeeper works for Android smartphones and is compatible with any tablets or devices using that operating system. Full compatibility with iOS devices is following very shortly.

  • Is every feature of the app available on iOS and Android devices?

Currently, the Android version is working optimally, and the same service will soon be offered to iOS users.

Features of FamilyKeeper

  • Exactly what can I monitor using FamilyKeeper?

FamilyKeeper evaluates the interactions that your child has on every social media account and messaging app. When the system notices content, conversations or even recorded messages that are potentially harmful, you are alerted immediately.

  • Is FamilyKeeper a battery-draining app?

No, FamilyKeeper has been developed to use very little power and will not make a significant impact on a device’s battery life.

  • Could my child uninstall their FamilyKeeper app?

We advise parents to activate the Safety Lock feature, as this prevents our app from being uninstalled and ensures that our online child protection service works without interruption.

Safeguarding your privacy

  • When I use FamilyKeeper, will sensitive details such as my phone data and my children’s location be protected?

Yes, like all responsible organisations, we have a strict Privacy Policy. Any data that we hold is stored on secure servers and remains completely confidential.

  • Will my personal data be visible to FamilyKeeper?

No, this is an app designed to support parental intelligence. We have no reason to monitor your device or record any data from it.