At FamilyKeeper, we have created the world’s most advanced online child protection app. Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology, we can enable parents to keep up with the challenge of protecting their children in the virtual world.

Led by anthropologist Tamir Leon, our team of childcare professionals and educational experts have developed an artificial intelligence system that functions as a parenting ally. It is quick to detect any problematic use of social media by children, and then acts to update parents to potential threats in real time.

Why do I need FamilyKeeper?

Even when you are not in the room or your child is out of the house, FamilyKeeper will keep you informed about any possible instances of abuse. Therefore, before your child has the chance to feel intimidated or confused, you can intervene to steer them away from harmful people or situations.

How does it work?

This intuitive app is installed on a child’s smartphone, allowing a parent to supervise their online behaviour and protect them from harm. Your children can still enjoy all the online social activities they love, but if something goes wrong, you will be informed and can step in to help before a situation escalates.

Safeguarding both young children and adolescents

The internet is a wonderful learning tool, but there are dangers that affect children and teens in particular. Our parental intelligence system keeps you involved with what they do online and helps you to minimise the risks they face.

Keeping you in the loop

With the ever-increasing number of social media apps and networking websites, it is easy to lose track of what your children are doing online. Our revolutionary app keeps you posted so that you can initiate helpful and productive discussions with your children. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the digital world, allow us to empower you.